“This volume provides ample evidence that Randall Compton is a truly fine poet. His ear for language, for exactly the right word in exactly the right place, is nearly flawless, and every poem, no matter its subject, conveys deep, heart-felt love of the world in which we live. At the same time his work recognizes heartbreak, deterioration, and doubt, it maintains a stubborn and welcome sense of love, growth, and hope.”

—Terry Dalrymple, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Angelo State University

“This is more than a collection of poetry. This is an invitation to contemplate the joys of life as well as the sorrows—the wonder of nature and the mystery that is God. Randy’s sense of humor and easy but thought-provoking style will have you laughing one moment and leave your heart breaking the next. Truly, this collection is a feast for the mind and the imagination.”

—Stan Coppinger, Professor of Writing and Literature, LeTourneau University

© 2018 by Randall Compton.